An Eagles T-Shirt That Reminds Us of the Best Sports Pseudonym Ever

January 17, 2012

Michael Vick’s involvement with a dog fighting ring landed him in jail, but it also obscured the more entertaining Michael Vick scandal. In 2005, Vick was sued by a woman who claimed to have acquired Herpes from Vick in 2003. The best revelation from this scandal was the fact that Vick used the pseudonym “Ron Mexico.” This immediately spurred a number of committed fans to order Falcons jerseys (where Vick played at the time) from the NFL with the name “Mexico.” Unfortunately, the NFL, an organization famous for not having any sense of humor whatsoever, banned the sale of these jerseys.

But some people have found a way around that. Now that he’s with the Eagles, consider this coincidentally Eagles green #7 “Mexico” shirt.

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