The Fandom Review strives to celebrate the expression of sports fandom at all times.  My mission with this site is to comment on the culture and lifestyle of being a fan.  To discuss tailgates and traditions and to scour the world of fan culture, sports clothing, gear, and other paraphernalia to help you express your rooting interest or to find great gifts for the sports fans on your shopping lists.  But I can’t do it all alone.  Send any reader tips or suggestions to fandomreview@gmail.com or @fandomrev on twitter to keep me in the loop on your life as a fan.

The Fandom Reviewer is a lifelong sports fan living in New York City who realized that there was no one-stop review gathering all the aspects of sports culture in one place.  Determined to change this, he abandoned his full-time job for a part-time gig and began blogging to help fans everywhere.

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