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Navy Ballots here!

Lyle thought we had a lot of new answers. This is problematic and is usually a flowing issue or a blocking issue stemming from 2AC on. Start blocking out the common args you hear with 2AC blocks, then draft 1AR blocks to extend certain key 2AC cards and the 2AR never needs to be new.

I love Benedict’s commitment to detailed ballot writing. Eggs thinks you have a shitty strategy and based on this description I tend to agree. There’s “conditionality” and then there’s “OMG we’re running every contradictory argument in our tub!” Those Oil DAs seem to be in high tension with the other args.

Heather Barnes likes more cards more than I usually do, but this is good to remember if you get her again. How did you think the CP competed?

Warren Decker speaks for many of us older judges — if we have to call for evidence, something’s gone wrong. When the other team is doing it in front of judges like us, be quick to answer by pointing out that they are trying to snag a 3R because they can’t explain their own arg.

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