Army Fitzsimmons

Navy Ballots here!

Amber notes that you didn’t “divide the block.” That’s an essential part of being Neg. If you have 15 minutes of back to back time to talk, why is it ever strategic to repeat yourself? One partner takes one set of arguments, the other takes the rest. Decide how you plan to divide the block before the round even begins.

She also comments on signposting. Basically, remember the judge doesn’t have all the cards written out in front of her so always insert a “next” or better yet numbering before each new answer so the judge makes a new note on their flow.

Mabrey had you losing on a framework issue. Whenever you hear “fetish” start looking for generic “psychoanalysis bad” answers to dump and otherwise go to your framework file and defend consequentialism/utilitarianism.

On Butt’s ballot, start writing up a generic set of 2AC answers to “Substantially means 85%” and run them by another debater to get them right.

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