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Navy Ballots here!

The Susko round is a little vague, but it sounds like he thought there was a chance to win until 2AR. Do you have any idea what he means about “functional drops.”

The Benedict ballot is very interesting. I don’t know whether Eggs is talking to you or the Liberty team when he complains about filling speech docs with cards that don’t get read, but that’s obviously good advice, but not nearly as good as his second point that everyone needs to be flowing well enough to make sure the speech doc itself is not the real guide to what was read. The flow is the round…the speech doc is only the appendix.

I know we didn’t have much on Politics this weekend, but he’s right not to only make uniqueness arguments. There are generic arguments to be made against any Politics DA. Assuming we don’t have a specific impact turn we’d like to run, you should be ready to make generic link turns like “winners win.”

Shree corrects a funny mispronunciation issue and also suggests we didn’t have good answers to “environmental alarmism bad” or “threat construction.” Get some blocks prepared for those args because both will probably come up again.


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