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Lowry identifies an offense problem. Do you have generic blocks for 2AC? You should put together the block right now that is, “AT: Political Capital DAs” and put the N/U cards you want, the theory args you want, the winners win turn, etc. That way it’s ready to go complete with offense. Update it weekly if you find better new cards, and as you learn the specifics of DAs, create a new block based on that model (e.g. “AT: Liberty-Hagel Political Capital DA) complete with specific answers to the scenario AND adapted strategies (e.g. I think we might prefer impact turning that one, so no winners win in that block). This practice saves tons of 2AC prep time, makes the 1AR a snap to prepare and prevents the 2AR from being the first time you think of a good answer.

Benedict is right…1NC prep is unforgivable if there’s ANY unused CX time. CX is free prep time for the next speaker, so use it. He highlights one of the best ways to employ 1AC CX, pointing out obvious solvency flaws. Another good use is garnering concessions for your planned strategy like, “how does an SMR work” to get them to admit that it’s not a Thorium reactor to set up a CP or something.

He thinks there’s tension with the case D and the DA…watch out.

ABSOLUTELY FACE THE JUDGE DURING CX. I’m not sure if the whole team knows this or not, but Eggs is completely right. As a technical matter the CX is for the judge’s benefit so address them.

When you kick out of a DA, you need to check to make sure that you aren’t ceding them any offense. If you just don’t go for politics, and they said “winners win,” the 2AR can say “we grant Army is right that the DA links and causes a huge relations impact, but extend out winners win card…they didn’t answer it, so this becomes an advantage to case.” If you don’t want to go for politics in that scenario, you need to go to that flow and extend their, “No link, the plan doesn’t cause the DA arg, that means the plan has no effect on capital and Obama is unable to generate a win taking out the turn.”


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