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Super Bowl XLVI Hangover: Other ways to break down Manning to Manningham

February 6, 2012

The Super Bowl XLVI game-changing play — a perfectly executed 38-yard pass from Eli Manning to Mario Manningham — has already been covered from all sorts of angles: As many have already pointed out, the play wasn’t designed to go to Manningham. The “Smash-7″ combination route on the front side of the play (Nicks...

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Junk Food Clothing Is As Delicious As The Name Suggests

January 4, 2012

If you weren’t familiar with Junk Food Clothing, you’ve been missing out. Junk Food makes vintage clothes featuring a number of pop-culture themes, ranging from Star Wars to the Peanuts gang, but it’s their NBA and NFL licensed clothes that I want to focus on today. For example, I like the quiet dignity of...

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Cross-Country Driving: Day 1

December 20, 2011

Just about to begin Day 2 from the heart of Steeler Country right after watching the Steelers implode. It’s 4:00 AM but I’m ready to go. Something like this:

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NFL Jerseys — Who Do You Buy And Who You SHOULD Buy (NFC South and West)

December 16, 2011

I came up with this idea during a trip to the local sports bar over the weekend. NFL fans don team jerseys all the time and I’ve noticed that the same jerseys come up all the time. Now obviously that’s bound to happen because everyone wants to wear the number of the best players,...

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Gearing Up for the Thanksgiving Classic

November 23, 2011

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, which means the Detroit Lions and the Dallas Cowboys will own the sporting airwaves like every year. I’m impressed that the league noted that the Lions were playing uncharacteristically competent football this season and decided to schedule them to play the Packers on Thanksgiving to give the viewer the necessary sense...

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